Razer Blade 15 Base Model 2020 Edition Review

This laptop is the 2020 razor blade 15 base edition. You probably know this already, they come in two editions, the base small as well as you might guess. The more affordable one and the advanced is the one that is a bit thinner as a bigger battery costs more money and comes with higher and GPU options. 

Razer Blade 15 Base Model 2020 Edition Review

So for those who are looking to get into a razor blade you know just because it’s the base Edition doesn’t mean it’s a weak saws product we’re gonna look at it now yes it’s an expensive laptop and I know some of you are watching this just to learn more about cutting edge technology speaking of learning more.

So, this edition starts at $1600 that gets you an Nvidia gtx 1660 so that’s not the most exciting thing right there. All models have the same core i7 six-core CPU in the base model intel tenth generation. 

But if you go with our model you stand on the $1600 base model and spend eighteen hundred bucks and you get in RTX 2060 and now we’re getting really more interesting here particularly. 

If you want a game or do some 3d rendering work that sort of thing inside. we have like I said that’s six-core i7 CPU if you want the eight-core well then you’re gonna have to go for the Advanced Edition instead. 

We have a 65 watt-hour battery. We have quite a lot of points for something that’s relatively speaking fairly thin and fairly light for a 15-inch pro-AB slash gaming laptop. We have Ethernet and Thunderbolt 3. 

You don’t get a full-size SD card slot. Which is the odd thing here you do on the advance though I guess you just didn’t have room for that though. There’s also HDMI 2.0 B you get the idea you can see all the ports by looking at the laptop yourself. 

144 Hz Gaming Laptop


Now for displays, you have two options, the one that we have which is a full HD 144 Hertz refresh display. So fast refresh for gaming a back it’s the same good LG Display that they’ve been using is full SRGB coverage and around you know 75% of Adobe RGB. 

If you want that 300 Hertz refresh panel which it’s probably overkill for most cases. Again look at the advanced model but there’s also a 4k display with wide gamut oled and as far as I know razor says that one is non touch. 

So I’d expect it to be matte with the Advanced Edition. It’s a touch screen so those you don’t want touch and don’t mind glossy then look at the Advanced Edition not much has changed here in terms of design.

Razer Blade 15 Base Model Inside Overview

So this one uses instead of a vapour chamber cooler it uses a more traditional heat pipe cooling system versus the advanced mom. You might say it doesn’t need quite as much cooling because the GPUs don’t get up there but you know they do get up there. 

You’ve got the Arctic’s 2060 in ours and there’s an RTX 2070 max q also in fact. If you want the 4k display they make you get the RT X 2070 max q. The cooling solution is competent that’s for sure so playing games is the usual thing of course. 

You locate close to thermal maximum on the core temperatures for the CPU but the average temperatures are below that safely enough but you’ll hear the fan on this and it’s not quiet. 

it’s not as bad as the vacuum cleaners of old back in the blade 14 days or something like that but it does typically make more noise than the Advanced Edition and a little bit more noise than average when doing everyday kind of work. It’s not gonna drown out the room or something like that When you’re doing work in Excel but you know you’ll hear it.


Performance as ever is competent this is a refresh, not a lot has changed here same chassis designs same basic thermal design. Performance on this is where you would expect it to be for the specs in the machine. 

Which is to say quite good so it’s very compact and it’s very classy looking. I mean that’s the selling point of razor blades and a lot of people write to me and they ask what laptop to buy and then they always throw in the blade 15 and they say because it looks so darn good. 

So there’s that you do have to like what you’re looking at when you’re using it don’t you and for performance, you’re gonna be able to do high ultra settings on any modern game. If you’re buying this to do rendering work. 

You’re getting into 3d design that sort of thing. It’s perfectly awesome for doing that sort of work – while still being somewhat portable and adult looking, not the gamer that sort of thing other than the green snakehead logo but hey I’m okay with that. 

Razer Blade 15 Base Model Touchpad &Amp; Keyboard

Keyboard & trackpad

When it comes to colours the keyboard here is an RGB backlit keyboard and you know the drill with the base model you get a single colour at a time. You can choose from any colour you want but it’s either gonna be green all the time or white all the time or some shade of red. 

You like all of the time the secondary keys are backlit yeah that razor took care of that a while ago. You have a very good Microsoft precision trackpad as every with the keyboard it’s not my favourite. 

I would like more tactile feel and travel and this the price you pay for making a powerful gaming laptop this thin. You know the drill but as other keyboards become more like this then well it doesn’t seem out of place. 

Amongst its competitors either but if you really want a deep key travel think pad or steal seriously on MSI kind of feel from the days of the thicker MSI laptop smell this wouldn’t be.

It is as ever there’s Razer synapse software and then let’s say you know three different choices there for the balanced mode. Which is where we do most of our benchmark testing the gaming mode. 

Which is where we do most of our gaming testing and 3d benchmark testing and a content creator well the content creator one boosts the CPU the gaming one boosts the GPU but not both at the same time and also unless you control the keyboard backlighting settings all that sort of stuff. 

If you have any peripherals it’s your one-stop place to control everything if you want to sync your lights upon. Your external mouse or a keyboard or whatever you get the idea.


The battery on this is a 65-watt hour and it comes with a 230-watt charger for our Rtx 2060 model and keeping with razors sense of style even the charger is kind of bondage chic looking.

It’s not bad looking and yes I took care of the capacitor wine issue and the Chargers a long time ago. So, this one is silent if you go with the events you actually are despite the fact it’s thinner. 

You actually get a bigger 80-watt hour battery which again this is the way it’s been rolling for some time so a 65-watt hour is okay. This does have Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics so it’ll use the Intel UHD 630 graphics. 

When you’re not gaming and pushing it hard and so battery life on this is it’s gonna depend on what you do but for a light productivity work with brightness set and a hundred and fifteen it’s we averaged around five and a half to six hours I’m in charge so it’s okay for something this powerful that’s fair let’s put it that way. 

If you want more there’s the advanced the speakers on this are unchanged from last-gen so they’re fairly allowed for a 15-inch laptop. I’ll give you that and a bit more based on average Super 15 inch even gaming laptops. 

Technical Specification


  • The 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H processor provides the ultimate level of performance with up to 5.0 GHz max turbo and 6 cores.

Operating System

  • Windows 10 Home




  • 15.6 Inches (1920 x 1080 Pixels)


  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q


  • 512 GB PCle SSD


  • Per-Key Razer Chroma RGB



  • Killer™ 802.11 ax Wi-Fi 6


  • Bluetooth®


  • 1x Thunderbolt 3(USB – C)
  • 1X USB – A
  • 1x SD Card Reader
  • HDMI 2.0b
  • Kensington Lock
  • Power
  • 1x Type-C
  • 3.5 mm Combo Audio
  • Gigabit Ethernet


  • 4.9lbs

Manufacturer Warranty

  • 1 year Limited warranty (Include 1 Year Global)

Last Words

So that’s the 20/20 edition of the razor blade 15 model and as always the things to like about it are the build quality. Which is impeccable really build solid no glaring seams showing anything like that all-metal & aluminium designed that nice Chell black colour, Lots of ports on this and pretty good performance to the fan. You’re gonna hear it a little bit more often. You’re not getting an advanced cooling solution on this.

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