Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition – Review 2020

Now for something different yet almost exactly the same this is the razer blade 15 studio edition Review. so this one is exactly the blade advance but in the mercury white option. You can see it is a light silver and instead of the usual g-force rtx cards inside. We have quadro rtx 5000 max-q so that’s the top-of-the-line quadro card. It is basically equivalent to the rtx 2080 max-q.

Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition



What’s the difference we’re going to find out now. The difference is a lot of money. This is a 4300$ laptop. There is only one configuration and one color option is well specked out but it’s expensive. Now you can blame razer and say oh boutique expensive but really nice gaming laptops. 

But it’s not just that the quadro cards are expensive and the top of the line quadro rtx 5000 is particularly expensive. Example if you look at the Thinkpad p53 from lenovo which is a mobile workstation with quadro cards. It’s a 1300$ up charge. If you want to go to that rtx 5000 quadro card inside. 

That’s why it’s so expensive so what’s the difference? Well it’s for folks who are doing 3d design modeling, rendering professional work, creator types that sort of thing the drivers are supposed to be more stable the silicone on. This is more thoroughly tested. 

It’s supposed to be able to run 24 7 without failing that sort of stuff and the studio drivers which admittedly you can actually use on a geforce card these days too.  The studio drivers are more stable and more optimized for the creative programs. 

Out there that said sometimes they actually do pretty well for gaming and sometimes a little bit better for gaming too. So, that’s the difference there otherwise this isn’t going to be a long review because you are looking exactly at the blade 15 in all of the respects.

This model has intel 10th generation cpu so this is like the high spec version of the blade 15 with geforce graphics cards inside. You get an 8 core i7 cpu intel 10th gen. You have that quadro card with nvidia optimus so it’s switchable with intel uhd630 graphics for when you’re not doing demanding things. 

You need a little bit of battery life. We have two ram slots as ever. It can go up to 64 gigs of ram this ships with 32 gigs of ram ddr4 you have, one m.2 pcie nvme ssd slot and comes with a very fast one terabyte ssd.

Just like the gaming laptop and again is because it’s the same physical laptop in all the respects. You get the razer chrome or perky rgb backlit keyboard half fully no more with that very visible pwm. Where you can see the keyboard kind of flashing at you at different brightness levels so yay that and it has a very large track band. 

It’s microsoft precision the keyboard is again just the same so that means really short travel not a lot of tactile feel. But a lot of today’s thin and light laptops are running that way.

You have intel wifi 6 ax201 inside and bluetooth 5.1. you have an 80 watt hour battery. You have thunderbolt 3 and usb c. One side is thunderball 3 the other side is usb c and the usual usb a ports, hdmi a full size UHS-2 sd card slots.So good stuff right there.

The usual razer vapor chamber cooling with graphite thermal paste which is pretty good stuff build quality. Again just like the regular blade 15 beautiful unibody build if you like light silver you’ll like. But this one not available in black feels great and looks great. 

It certainly is the windows equivalent of a macbook pro So who’s this for obviously. If you just want to play games you could spend about three grand or 3 200 instead get the equivalent maxed out regular blade 15. 

Advanced the only difference would be 16 gigs of ram instead of 32 on this one but you can upgrade it yourself. So, whatever it doesn’t make any sense if you’re just going to play games and nobody’s going to spend this much extra money 1300 for the pleasure of having a quadro card. 

It is for those who are also thinking about a Dell precision that lenovo thinkpad p53. Which is still not yet updated to intel tension cpus but that should be coming soon asus pro art workstations. 

You get the mobile workstations. you get the idea here and even that 16 inch macbook pro with the optional 800 upgrade to the amd radeon pro 5600m instead of the usual 5500m. You get that’ll still cost you about four thousand dollars.

If you configure a 16-inch macbook pro similarly to this. You won’t get as much gpu power for 3d rendering still with that radeon card. You’ll get half the vram that has eight gigs of gddr6 this one has 16 gigs. 

So, even still say you work for age and you’re designing microwave oven parts and you’re using 3d rendering software. You know your boss is probably going to say razer right and they’re going to go buy a lenovo or adele.

I suspect that the target audience for this is 3d gaming studios largely because those are the folks who already are playing games. You want to test your creations. You want to look at the competition and you want to be able to do your renders, all design and all that sort of thing.

I think gaming studios EA whatever they’re probably pretty open to blades. You know especially if they like you a lot and they want to make you feel happy and stay working for them. 

Razer Blade 15 Display


In terms of performance and thermals is pretty much what you would expect that. They’re not limiting the power limits too much on this here. Doing something like playing battlefield 5 as a test we saw the cpu go up to using 77 watts of power.

it is normally a 45 watt cpu so go them this is a max q card and when again playing battlefield 5. It hit 103 watts of power consumption so that’s reasonable for a max q card performance on. 

This is good i mean again if you see the battlefield footage on ultra 1080p settings. It’s maxing it’s going over 100 frames per second. It’s a vapor chamber cooler. It helps to cool the cpu.

It’s still going to get hot long gone are the days when blades had really noisy fans though so this doesn’t make any hideous noise. You’re not going to derange people in the workplace. 

When you’re doing your renders and that sort of thing but it will make some noise. If you’re pushing it hard this gaming laptop. It’s hard right and the surface temperature is mostly above the keyboard right below. 

The display area where all gaming laptops and most laptops in general these days get hot. We’ll get too hot to touch but the rest of it. The keyboard is warm. The keyboard deck area where you rest your hands is not too hot. 

The batteries Down there some heat is reasonably well controlled but it’ll toast your hands especially in the summertime. It’s then it’s going to happen as always with razer you get the same synapse software that you would on a regular blade 15 for gamers and the performance profiles do make a difference. 

There you have your balance default one and then you have a custom. Custom basically is a simple slider for cpu and gpu put both of those to max performance. When you’re rendering or gaming depending if you need both the cpu and the gpu to be and it will make a difference let me tell you in benchmarks and in games. 


I could see a difference in fact we have a few benchmarks. You can see on the regular default mode and on the high performance mode. Yeah it doesn’t generate that much more heat either so good. 

The display on this is a 4k oled panel. it’s the same one again that we’ve seen on the blade 15. That’s not a bad thing. I find oled a little brash and harsh on the eyes. 

I don’t know if it’s just maybe it’s the very high contrast on or whatever but it is factory calibrated. They do a pretty good job of the calibration on this for color accuracy. 

It is wide gamut so you’ve got almost 100 adobe rgb on here in fact 100 of p3 color. Gamut contrast is super duper high because well it’s an oled display it’s fine it’s made by samsung as are. 

Battery Life

All oled laptop displays battery life on this is an 80 watt hour battery again just like the blade 15 advance. We do have optimus so if you’re doing light tasks on the go. Razer claims a six hours maximum run time on this.

If you’re doing very light work well yeah that’s certainly possible but probably most people are going to see more like four and a half hours not doing rendering or gaming. 

On the go but just doing your regular business and productivity tasks and streaming video that sort of thing ships with the same 230 watt charger that most blades ship with these days. It has the more powerful gpu options so to get inside. It’s just like the usual blade 15. you’ve got torx t5 screws they’re visible and then it’s easiest. 

Razer Blade 15 Touchpad &Amp; Keyboard

Technical Specification


  • 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H Six-Core processor

Operating System

Windows 10 Home 64-bit


  • 16GB of 2933 MHz of DDR4 RAM


  • 15.6″ display features a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution


  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with 6 GB GDDR6


  • Hard Drive Size 512 GB


  • backlit and supports Razer Chroma single-zone RGB lighting



Integrate wifi 6


Bluetooth® 4.2


  • Gigabit Ethernet,
  • Thunderbolt 3,
  • USB Type-A
  • Type-C ports,
  • HDMI

Manufacturer Warranty

1-year limited international hardware warranty


So, that’s the razer blade 15 advanced edition for 2020 with intel 10th gen cpus and the nvidia quadro rtx 5000 max q card a very pricey spend but it’s a kind of niche product for those of you who know that you need this sort of product.

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